Partial carpal arthrodesis in a cat

April 24, 2016

Pancarpal arthrodesis


“Nemo” presented to my colleagues at Axe Valley Vets with a hyperextension injury to the carpometacarpal joints and several fractures to the base of the metacarpal bones. In the cat, the bones of the carpus and metacarpal region are very small. In order to perform a partial carpal arthrodesis we successfully used digital radiographs during the operation to ensure accurate positioning of the implants. The 1.0mm pins must penetrate the tiny radial carpal bone but not go beyond it and into the radiocarpal joint. We used a small burr to make slots in the dorsal aspect of the broken metacarpal bones and drilled the pins across the fracture site and into the radial carpal bone. Nemo behaved himself and after 6 weeks we removed one of the pins. At this point he was back to his normal mischief and using the leg normally. Well done Nemo 🙂